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All About Casino Pride

The Casino Pride is located on Mondovi River in Panjim. This is also the capital city of Goa and one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Asia. The casino is owned by Casino Pride Group who have been offering this kind of services for a long period of time. They got numerous rewards and are known as one of the largest casino-related groups in the world. The best thing is that Casino is open 24*7 all days in a week so there are no compromises for your enjoyment.

01.Events & Live Entertainment
02. Unlimited Food & Drinks
03. Gaming Offers
04. Corporate Bookings

Entry packages starting from ₹1500/- with unlimited food, drinks and entertainment*
T&C applied


Goa’s Largest Floating Casino

On Gotta do India, Casino Pride proudly holds the distinction of being the highest-rated gaming destination in Goa. Get ready to unleash the gamer in you at Casino Pride- the biggest floating casino in all of Asia. Let the roar of the games and the thrill of the win take over as you embark on an unforgettable adventure.

People of

By associating our patrons as #PeopleOfPride we celebrate their endeavours and make them feel special. Here we showcase the pride stories of people who work at Casino Pride and the pride experience of the people who come to Casino Pride.



Bharat Singh

Bishnu Tamang

Ciana Afonso

Durga Khatri

Gaurav Pruthi


Larson D Sa

Prasad Pisal

Rakesh Swain

Corporate Social Responsibility

Donated Oxygen concentrators and Oxymeters to CCP​

Casino Pride donated Oxygen concentrators and Oxymeters to Dr.Pramod Sawant – CM of Goa

Gave 70-100 Packages of Food to Samparan Foundation Goa.

200+ food packets daily to the covid patients, front liners and needy